BCBG Studded Retro Headphones

A music loving fashionista’s dream come true. That’s the statement the BCBG Max Azria people are making about their headphone range which I have been ogling for the past couple months now. Judging by the recent takeover of all things studded and spiked, it is evident the label’s recent foray into audio technology will please any fashion junkie.

These headphones look like they were inspired by the Karl Lagerfield ones that were available back in 2010… which, as much as I love Karl’s designs usually, I am sad to say looked plain weird (or maybe they were just too much fashion for me to comprehend). But the BCBG ones actually look cute. There’s also a studded in-ear version.

As aesthetically appealing as they may be, I can’t help but wonder how the sound quality measures up against some of the leaders in the market (if you have had the pleasure of listening to that thundering bass on the Monsters you know what I mean). In terms of price therefore, there is clearly no comparison to some of the big contenders out there in the audio market but something tells me that audio quality is not high on the list of the BCBG objective when they put these babies out.

They don’t have the price tag of my bro’s much -loved Beats but they still look kinda fun. Although these headphones are now sold out, I am waiting to see if BCBG replace them. But of not, I am sure we will see some more future music meets fashion meets technology collabs.

(Posted by Tabs)