Eos Headband - Photo taken from Jenniferbehr.com

Eos Headband – Photo taken from Jenniferbehr.com

Settling down to write a post about a little designer I stumbled across, I have my television on in the background and can’t help but notice the piece of jewellery adorning Khloe Kardashian’s crown on this weeks X Factor USA.

A Grecian inspired headband by New York based designer Jennifer Behr sits glistening away under the stage lights leaving me inspired to try out a little bit of goddess-like chic for myself.

The ‘Hair Ornaments’ from Behr’s collection are a selection of headbands, wraps, combs and pins made using Swarovski crystals and various silks have been a firm favourite of many Hollywood and New York starlets alike.

Often seen prettifying the heads of celebrities including fictional Blair Waldorf, Nicole Richie and even Rihanna, I too will be adorning an ornament or two, sure to shine bright like a diamond…

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