Ryan Storer Ear Cuff

Ryan Storer Ear Cuff

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a jewellery designer I stumbled across and last week saw the launch of the brands e-shop.

Although I had only seen a couple of the designs, I knew from the little that I had seen, I wouldn’t be disappointed, and I was right.

Within a few days of launching RyanStorer.com, the collection has already sold through on some lines. Showcasing a selection of silver and rose gold, crystal encrusted earpieces, it’s easy to understand the why the brand has had the reaction it’s had so far.

Speaking to Vogue Australia, Storer talks about his love for the idea of wearing single earrings and how his bold and dramatic designs for one ear are offset by a nakedness in the other.

With the emergence of ear cuffs over the past seasons, I am yet to find a cuff the reflects me and my personal style – until now of course as Storers designs are simple yet fierce enough to leave me lusting after every single piece.

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